Frequently Asked Questions regarding Registration and Installation

Why do I need an invitation code at registration?

To ensure gaming experiences, the NeoWorld team is limiting beta users to a certain number. An invitation code is required to get in the game. If you do not have an invitation code, you may obtain one from a friend, a community partner of the NeoWorld, or our official WeChat public account.

How do I get in the game?

At present, the NeoWorld is only available for PC. Users need to download a file package, unpack it and run NeoWorld.exe to get in the game. At the same time, we also provide an Android version of mobile game assistance APP, for users to better manager their in-game assets.

What are the system requirements for the NeoWorld? How large is the installation package?

For now, the NeoWorld is PC only and unavailable for Mac. Users need to download a 60M installation file. Additional game resources will be released on a dynamic basis.

Recommended Computer configuration for the NeoWorld

Recommended PC configurations:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
Graphics card: GTX 750 Independent Graphics Card or more advanced graphics cards
OS: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64 bit)
Driver: DirectX 9.0c


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Game Rules

Are all players in the same world?

Yes. All players interact with each other in the same virtual world and are separated by geographical locations or language. Neither do we have multiple servers or versions of the same virtual world. Every building on your land and everything you have created will be integrated into the virtual world in a real-time manner. All users of the NeoWorld, no matter old or new, can visit your landany time.

How to understand the relationships between virtual world, continent and land in the NeoWorld?

1) The NeoWorld is a self-contained virtual world.
2) The virtual world consists of several inter-connected continents. In the beginning, there is only one continent. A second continent will be created when specific conditions are met.
3) Each continent is made up of 40,000 pieces of inter-connected land (200x200). Users may purchase any ownerless piece of land at any time at a pre-defined price of 10,000 NASH. A user becomes the owner of a piece of land after purchasing it.
4) Each piece of land is measured 100x100m. Land owners may purchase and construct buildings and facilities of various functions on their lands.

Conditions on which a new continent is created?

In the beginning, there is only one continent. Each new continent has a 30-day reclamation period. A new continent will be created if one of the following two conditions is fulfilled after the reclamation period.
A) All lands are sold out on the newest continent.
B) All seven wonders are completed on the newest continent.
A 72-hour land auction period applies to new continents from the second continent onwards. A new continent will not truly appear in the world before the auction period is over.

How to buy lands?

1)In the NeoWorld, users can purchase any ownerless piece of land at any time at a pre-defined price of 10,000 NASH.
2)Land owners can sell their lands to other users.
3)Users can buy lands on new continents after the second continent at land auctions during the auction period.

What kinds of buildings can I build on my lands?

There is a wide range of buildings in the NeoWorld. Each has its own appearance and attributes. Different buildings take different amounts of NASH, and bring about corresponding functions and values. Buildings fall into the following categories:
1)Decorative building: mainly built for the purpose of decoration, but able to improve the prosperity value of lands.
2)Business building (standard): Business buildings provide regular income per unit time. Additional cooperative income will be generated if there are other users working in the building. Business buildings depreciate with time, which leads to a decrease in income, and necessitates renovation.
3)Hi-end building: Hi-end buildings are an upgrade of business buildings. However, it takes large amounts of building materials contributed by other users to build a hi-end building.
4)Manufacturing building: Manufacturing buildings produce building materials of all kinds per unit time. Users that work in manufacturing buildings can also receive building materials.
5)Wonder: There are seven wonders on each continent, each is unique in the NeoWorld. Wonders allow owners to set wishes for other user and charge a fee for such wishes. Userscan build one and only one wonder of each kind. To build a wonder, all attributes of a piece of land need to reach extremely high levels. Massive building materials are also required to build a wonder. Once a wonder is built, other users are unable to build another of its kind.
6)R&D buildings: R&D buildings are for the research and production of hi-tech materials, RO and items. The current version provides two kinds of R&D buildings, i.e. “hi-tech material factory” and “rare ore mining factory”. In the future, a large number of items will be produced in R&D buildings. For example, electric vehicle factories can develop electric vehicles.

How to earn NASH?

Users can earn NASH in various ways, including but not limited to the following:
1)Construct business buildings on your own lands. You will receive extra NASH in addition to basic regular income if you can attract more users to work in your buildings. Work times will be consumed, but they will recover with time.
2)Work in business buildings owned by other users. Each time you will be paid in NASH. Different buildings offer different work incomes.
3)Provide buildings materials for unaccomplished hi-end buildings constructed by other users, and receive NASH in return.
4)Marketing campaigns, such as special mining activities that allow users to mine NASH or other digital tokens during a given periodin vacant lands.
5)Other marketing campaigns organized by the NeoWorld team.
6)Rewards or tips from other users.

How to get building materials?

As you explore the NeoWorld, you will find numerous timber, stone and steel in the wilderness. You may collect the resources and receive corresponding buildings materials. Collection of resources of will cost vitality, which recovers over time. If the resources collected are on a piece of land belonging to a user, , th eowner will also receive a portion of building materials.
In the beginning, resources can be found all over the continent. However, resources will not be renewed once collected. In later stages, users may continue to obtain building materials by working in manufacturing buildings.

Why is the “Change Outfits” function so simple? Why is it that the NeoWorld does not sell outfits?

The Avatar system in the NeoWorld will be very powerful. It will allow users to change clothes and appearances, as well as the avatar 3D model, e.g. figure shapes and hairstyles. More importantly, users will be able to design their avatars and upload to the virtual world, to be used by themselves or sell to others. The UGC system is estimated to be launched in Q4 of 2018.
Unlike the prevailing item-selling based business model in the gaming industry, the NeoWorld team does not produce or sell any items directly to users for profits. We hope to empower users create and sell items to other users.